Documentary Short Film – 2010


Community Theatre is a social movement developed in Argentina  based on the idea that art is an agent of social transformation with the conviction that everyone is essentially creative. Professionals, students, retired people, teachers, young children. Everyone can participate, learn and can teach, as it is an art that is based on the inclusion and integration of each individual.


The content of the works are based on the individual experiences of each member who shares with the rest of the group. Each person tells anecdotes, stories and moments from their daily life related to a particular theme and from the exchange and dialogue new ideas emerge to add to the work.


Age divisions, typical of the consumer society, are eliminated and “everyone can do everything” is imposed. In an automated world based on the false idea of consumption as a possible way to a “dignified” life, Community Theatre affirms the opposite and bases its foundations on the active, creative and participatory human being.

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