2020 – 2023


At the end of 2023 I found the notes I took with my e-book, between 2020 and 2023. They were all in a digital file. Isolated, out of context. I don’t know why I highlighted those particular phrases. They were taken in a haphazard way, just guided by my curiosity, thought, or mood at the time. In the same way I take photographs sometimes, I don’t always know why I take them. It was as if I had taken photographs of the books I read, of those phrases, passages, that meant something to me at the moment. Like an unconscious search to find something, to understand something. To review and try to understand my inner search during this period, I went to my photographic archive, looked up all the photographs I took during that period and placed them next to the sentences I underlined. The result is this book, a kind of map of dots, as if these universes finally came together to write the internal story that my unconscious has been underlining.

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