México – year 2023


The streets are the collective expression of the society that lives in them, they reflect the multiple realities that coexist daily, creating a collective identity, diverse and manifest, in a constant process of construction, adaptation and resistance. A collective identity that shapes our reality, at the same time as we shape it, with our needs, dreams and illusions.


This photographic series was made during the year 2023 in the region of Yucatan, Mexico. For 30 days I travelled with my camera through its streets, villages and landscapes, trying to discover it, trying to see and observe what lies behind its surface. On my return, when I looked at the material, I discovered a much deeper meaning of the multiple layers of its history, present and future.


A meaning that constructs itself and opens new questions: What makes Mexico different from other countries, and in turn this region different from others? What is its identity? What is collective identity? How does it condition our perception of history, present and future in a globalised and digitalised world? And I ask it from who I am today, an Argentinean photographer,  granddaughter of a Spanish immigrant, living in Portuga and travelling to Mexico.

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