Press Release (Fragment)


In view of the deep crisis in our Schools and Universities all over the country, and in the framework of the NATIONAL STRIKE of University Teachers on September 16th and 17th, the CONADU Histórica and the University Federations of Buenos Aires (FUBA) and La Plata (FULP) are preparing a massive National March for Thursday September 16th at 6pm, from Congress to Plaza de Mayo, in defence of public Education and for the budget.

The call is made under the common slogans of increasing the education budget, reopening of the teachers’ unions, repeal of the anti-education laws, closure of the cases and an end to the persecution of students and teachers. In addition to these demands, there are the particular demands of the teachers’ and students’ movement.

34 years after the Night of the Pencils, the memory of the disappeared comrades and the demands in defence of public education are more valid than ever.


City of Buenos Aires, September 1st, 2010.

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