Mercedes Segade is a photographer and filmmaker who works on long-term and collaborative projects. Her work focuses on documenting everyday life, empowering individuals through creative expression, and using art as a tool to foster understanding and redefine realities.


She was born in Tandil (Argentina) in 1985 and currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal.  She studied Audiovisual Arts at the National University of Art (UNA) and Photojournalism at ARGRA, (Association of Graphic Reporters Buenos Aires, Argentina).


Her work has been exhibited and published internationally in media and art galleries including Mutuo Centro de Arte (Barcelona, Spain), Flotante Mag (México), La Juan Gallery (Madrid, Spain), Mumbat Lab+, (Argentina). Her series Disparacuentos, created for the Red Nacional Audiovisual Universitaria (RENAU) Argentina, was nominated in 2018 for the fymTI – International Television Festival and Market awards. In the year 2011 founded Zorzal, a creative studio specialising in documentary films and new narratives where she has collaborated with international institutions and organizations such as the United Nations Development Program. During the years 2012 and 2017, she developed the educational project Micromundos, a platform for meeting and photographic education in community centers and popular libraries, offering workshops to more than 200 people.


Mercedes works mainly with documentary photography and video but has explored different disciplines such as theatre and plastic arts, learning the use of oils and watercolours, manifested in her latest project Abstractions, where through digital photographic techniques she applies the rules of chance typical of watercolours, creating a photographic work that is more similar to plastic arts.



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2017 – Disparacuentos – Micro ficciones para TV.
2017 – Obra en construcción – Mediometraje Documental
2016 – Café Quereme Así Piantao – Cortometraje Documental
2013 – Pequeñas Construcciones – Micro documentales para TV.
2012 – Oscar –   Cortometraje Documental
2010 – Oberá –  Cortometraje Documental

Exhibitions and publications
2018 – MUTUO Centro de Arte (Barcelona, Spain) – Video Instalación para Ensayo de un presente Indolente de Melisa Zulberti.
2018 – LA JUAN GALERY (Madrid, Spain) – Video Instalación para Ensayo de un presente Indolente de Melisa Zulberti.
2018 –  ZAPADORES CIUDAD DEL ARTE  (Madrid, Spain) – Video Instalación para Ensayo de un presente Indolente de Melisa.
2016 – FLOTANTE MAG (México) Serie BNA  – Publicación digital
2015 – SALÓN NACIONAL DE SEGURIDAD VIAL (Argentina) – Primer premio categoría video arte
2014 –  MUMBAT (Argentina) –  Intervención Audiovisual  – Mujeres de Arandhart
2013 –  MUMBAT (Argentina) –  Intervención Audiovisual – Proyecto BARCO
2013 –   GALERÍA ARTEMIO (Argentina) –  Muestra fotográfica colectiva – Selección de obras
2012 –  Centro Cultural La Compañía (Argentina) –    Muestra fotográfica colectiva  – Serie Marcha por la Educación
2011 –  UBA Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (Argentina) –  Muestra fotográfica colectiva – Serie Marcha por la Educación

2014 – 2016 – Artemio Galería – Tandil
2015 –  Universidad Nacional del Centro en conjunto con el Ministerio de Trabajo y Desarrollo Social  ciudad de Bénito Juárez 
2014 – Biblioteca Popular Bernardino Rivadavia – Tandil
2013 – Centro Cultural La Compañía / Biblioteca Sarmiento – Tandil
2012 – Secretaría de Cultura y Educación – Carmen de Patagones

2009 / 2010 – Fotoperiodismo – ARGRA (Asociación de Reporteros Gráficos)
2006 / 2010 – Licenciatura en Artes Audiovisuales

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